It’s been a busy summer for me at The Brainery. I workshopped 10 novels for Novel Workshop, 9 short stories for Short Fiction, and wrote over over 150 pages of critique in the process. I moderated three roundtables with John Chu, Michi Trota, and Chuck Wendig, went to WorldCon and DragonCon, and, in the middle of it all moved from upstate NY to Atlanta. Oh yeah, and I sold a story to Lightspeed and became a member of SFWA.

Not too shabby. But busy. Very very busy. And I tend to have very strong opinions about adverbs.

Last week marked The Brainery’s one year anniversary. I’ve officially been #altac for a year now, and I’ve been able to cobble together a better living for myself running The Brainery than I ever did in academia–and I’m teaching exactly what I want to teach, reading what I want to read, writing what I want to write (and selling it!), plus meeting a bunch of my writing heroes along the way.

In order to keep up with expansion I needed help. So I tapped former Brainery student, critique and workshop extraordinaire Valerie Valdes (see folks, it pays to be really engaged in class because I might tap you to teach or be a guest speaker in the future!) and prolific speculative fiction and geek culture writer K. Tempest Bradford on board to teach Short Fiction this fall. When looking for instructors, writing credentials in the form of workshops (taken and taught), and publications, as well as a commitment to social justice were the most important qualities to me when considering instructors to allow to teach for The Brainery.

Yes, we’re SJWs here and proud of it.

Short Fiction starts next week with guest speakers Ken Liu and Amal El-Mohtar, and it’s being taught for the first time by writers who are not me! So please make K. Tempest Bradford and Valerie Valdes feel welcome.

scififairytales2015I redesigned Science Fiction Fairy Tales into a hypoxic-style generative writing workshop (a full description and tentative schedule of weekly themes can be found on the site), with guest speaker best selling author Annie Bellet and mythic writing legend Terri Windling. I had the privilege of attending a self-publishing panel with Annie Bellet, and she is one smart, strategic writer, and I can’t wait for her to share that knowledge with this fall’s students.

All students currently enrolled in The Brainery will have the ability to sit in on each other’s Master Class Roundtable Sessions with all the guest speakers, although, as always, question asking priority goes to those enrolled in that section.

Spring classes will be announced within the next couple weeks–which might seem really closely timed, but I moved from upstate NY to Atlanta and everything about the fall got delayed in being coordinated and announced.

We rely on word of mouth in order to fill our workshops, and strongly believe sharing is caring. So please feel free to distribute the info about the fall.
Thank you so much!