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Support Fund for Writers

Here are some impressive numbers about the Support Fund

Dollars of Donation
Students Funded
Dollars Needed To Fund Next Writer


The official answer is no. However the more accurate answer is: kind-of.

As someone who wouldn’t have been privileged enough to get educated without scholarships, the ability to offer scholarships is important to me as an educator–this is especially close to my heart as a writer on the alternate-academic career track.

I’ve looked into pursuing fiscal sponsorship through the Speculative Literature Foundation. Fiscal Sponsorship through the SLF would consist of redirecting donations for tax deductible purposes. I was advised against pursuing nonprofit status at this time since I don’t have any major donors lined up (the way Odyssey received a $25,000 donation).

As of this writing, I am currently on WIC and Medicaid–it’s embarrassing, but it’s the truth–so until the workshop gets all the gears churning , I don’t have the ability to offer course spots for free.

However, with her permission, I am blatantly copying a scholarship/support fund model that Karen Kelsky of The Professor Is In pioneered.

I started this on November 17, 2014, and within a couple hours I received a donation that guaranteed funding for one writer–and an application for that funding is already in.

There’s no guarantee of continued funding support for Spring 2015, but it never hurts to contact me and get put on a waitlist. People in the Speculative Fiction community have been amongst the most wonderful and generous people I’ve met in my career, so I have faith that there will be enough funding for people who request it.

The Support Fund works like this:

Thanks to the generosity of readers and clients who donate, I am able to offer modest financial assistance in the form of the Writer Support Fund.

The intent of this fund is to help writers in truly dire economic straits pay for my workshops in order to craft work ready for professional-level submission.

I am targeting real desperation. This fund is not for writers who just feel broke.  As such beneficiaries must be be writers confronting some combination of:

  1. Relying on unemployment benefits, WIC, Medicaid, or food stamps;
  2. Supporting dependents;
  3. Confronting a health crisis;
  4. In a temporary, insecure, or unstable living arrangement (moved back in with parents, sleeping on friends’ couches, and the like);
  5. In bankruptcy proceedings.

If you are a writer confronting these kinds of circumstances, and a lack of funds has stopped you from contacting me for help, please inquire at the contact form below.

The way the Support Fund for Writers works:

A.  I contribute my workshop at half-rate, which drops the cost of a workshop to $237.50.

B.  The Support Fund covers half of the remaining half ($118.75), and the recipient pays only for what remains (ie, 1/4 of the original cost of services: $118.75)  for the first workshop.

As of 11/17/2014, I am limiting this to a one time use since I am in dire economic straits myself.

If you are a writer in truly dire economic straits who would like to request this assistance, please get in touch with me.

Important Note: All donations go into a pool from which I draw in compensation for the workshop fee. This means that no donations are earmarked for any writer in particular, and that I currently have a wait list of writers waiting for donations to come in. If you’re a writer who wants specific donations, GoFundMe is an excellent resource!

If you are not a financially struggling writer (due to either your career or your day job), please consider helping those who are struggling to find financial resources to better their craft, and DONATE.  The Fund depends on the donations of those who have the ability to help.


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