imageI have been asked a lot if I offer scholarships for The Brainery. It’s a topic that weighs heavily on my heart because I wouldn’t have been able to afford my education without the benefit of scholarships or competitive fellowships. But it’s tricky because The Brainery is still a new business, and I am still on WIC and Medicaid.

I spoke with the Speculative Literature Foundation about fiscal sponsorship, but they advised me against pursuing nonprofit status at this time since I don’t have big donors lined up.

So, yesterday, I started the Support Fund for Writers, which is a happy middle ground: I donate half the cost of a workshop, donors contribute 25%, and the writer is only responsible for the last 25%.

I’m happy to report that less than 3 hours of starting the Support Fund, I got my first donation large enough to sponsor a writer’s seat, and today I got my first application. So, less than 24 hours after starting the fund, it has successfully helped one writer secure a seat in the workshop.

I am excited about being able to offer this new resource to offer my fellow writers. And, as a former academic on the alt-ac track, I am proud of being able to financially help students without the benefit of university affiliation.