For my husband’s birthday this year, I made him some geeky art about one of our favorite shows, Fringe. I have never loved a show so much that it inspired me to make fan art–although, as a teenager, I did write Labyrinth based fan fiction (back when Geocities was still a thing).

I bought 9×9 canvases at my friendly neighborhood art supplies store (not a chain). I then outlined the drawings in regular pencil, but then used watercolor pencil to color around the edges of the drawings. Afterward, I dipped a fine paintbrush into water and gently pulled the paint away from the edges until I got a cool effect.

I went chibi-style because, even though I paint a few times a year, I don’t consider myself an artist. I felt confident that I could pull off the chibi-style, though. I paired them with the items that will be forever associated with Walter, Peter, and Olivia, and their best/iconic quotes. (It was difficult to hand write on canvas, though.)